About Me

I am an artist living and working in Northumberland. I make books and works in cut paper, from unique constructed books to limited and unlimited editions and multiples and wall-hung pieces. My work combines a range of processes, including stitching, bookbinding, hand painting, printing and hand and machine cutting. I am particularly interested in the book structure – in the interdependence of form and content, and in exploring how each can illuminate the other.
My starting point is always some text – the inspiration for many of my pieces comes from a 1945 film called ‘I Know Where I’m Going’ (Powell & Pressburger). The film script, characters, cinematography and film structure influence my work –  bits of the script trickle into my pieces, snippets of dialogue, forming and reforming, taking on new meanings and telling different stories. My pieces reflect aspects of the characters in the film and may incorporate some of the words spoken by that person.  In some cases I am influenced by something that actually happens within the film; in others it is a response to how the film treats the character, for example, to the editing process or visually to the film making process itself.
I also use half-remembered lines of songs and poems, so that text forms an integral part of many of my pieces, shaping their form in the process. I turn to the landscape around me in Northumberland for imagery, using drawing as an essential part of my working method.