Living your core values

apple-coreSo following on from my last post about the Design Trust challenge for February the March challenge was to look at your five core values and score yourself – to see how much you are actually living those values. Mine were :

FOCUS 8/10





Then we had to set out five actions to take in the following month to aim at achieving 10/10. I chose:

1. Stick to a timetable for my week – with proper allocated time to things like facebook/blogging/twitter rather than letting time get sucked away while browsing….

2. Be much more protective of my working day – because I work from home, people don’t always understand that I’m AT work and I need to find a way politely to control this.

3. Take a day off every week and do something to feed my own creativity & skills.

4. Allocate time each week to learn – and in areas that aren’t just about my art work; I miss intellectual stimulus and would love to brush up my Latin & Greek.

5. Take control of my finances! Get my records up to date and find someone else to do my tax returns rather than me struggling with it.

Quite ambitious I think – but it’s good to aim high !  I’ve just had a wonderful trip to London, combining leisure, feeding my creativity AND improving my skills and learning new things. Just got to get on with the rest of my actions now….