Research Days

Had a lovely few days researching in the Central Library. Its a really nice light space and the staff v. helpful. There are loads of books on witchcraft I discovered – they  found me a trolley’s worth. I found a spell to turn into a hare is from Isabel Gowdie’s confession of witchcraft, printed in ‘Rowan Tree and Red Thread’ by Thomas Davidson.

‘I sall goe intill an haire, with sorrow and sych and meikle caire, And I sall goe in the Divellis nam, Ay whill I com hom againe’.

I also found a piece about using the spell:

I was one morning, about the break of day, going to Auldearn in the shape of ane hare and Patrick Papley’s servants, going to their labour, his hounds being with them, ran after me. I ran very long but was forced, being weary, at last to take my own house. the door being left open, I ran in behind a chest and the hounds followed in…I was forced to run forth again and ran into ane other house, and their took leisure to say ‘Hare, hare, God send thee care ! I am in a hare’s likeness now. But I sall be a woman even now. Hare hare God send thee care.

It also mentions that the witch’s mark – something believed to be an identifying characteristic of witches, was sometimes in the shape of a hare’s foot.